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ACE Pride themselves on offering the most choice and variety in the field

What We Offer


Saturday Performing Arts Academy
Sing! Dance! Act!

Classes for kids age 3-6 (ACE-ettes)
and 7-14 (SaturdACE)
Every Saturday 10am-1pm
12 Kidderpore Avenue, NW3 7SU

Cinema screenings and red carpet premieres! Festival performances! LAMDA exams! Recording sessions!

Saturday School

At ACE we are passionate about boosting your child's confidence and creativity while developing their performing arts skills. Our teachers are all professional performers having worked extensively in west-end theatre, film, television and the recording industry. Each member of our team also has over three years teaching experience as standard. Exciting film projects, performances and qualifications are all part of your child's experience at ACE, as well as fun week to week classes.

You know your child is ACE, let us help them believe it too!

Schools and Education

We provide performance classes as a gateway to academic success, inspiring learning and building confidence. We aim to bring the National Curriculum to life, achieve Key-Stage targets, re-enforce classwork, support teachers and to incentivise learning through encouraging good behaviour and focus... and to have fun, of course! We pride ourselves on offering the widest range of exciting, educational opportunities within the Performing Arts realm for students and teachers alike. You can do anything from Shakespeare to Bollywood, Adult-Tap to Glee Club. We guarantee you'll find something that's just right for you!


ACE have an unbroken LAMDA exam pass rate! These exams are fantastic tools for building confidence and ability and also looks fantastic as part of a well-rounded application for a new school. Moreover, LAMDA exams can also contribute towards your child's university application!

We offer LAMDA in schools as part of the PPA package and privately as part of SaturdACE. We enter groups of children for Group Musical Theatre LAMDA exams, in which they perform a short scene, dance routine and song from a musical from memory. In preparing for this exam, they are introduced to the fundaments of correct posture, vocal projection, clarity of diction, an awareness of pitch, rhythm and basic music theory.

Individual LAMDA exams provides a terrific grounding in the canonic works of poetry, drama and literature and affords pupils the weekly opportunity to speak with confidence and fluidity in front of their peers. We study and explore through performance the works of Carol Ann Duffy, Robert Louis Stevenson and Charles Dickens to name a few.

Corporate Build Confidence Discover Hidden Talents Create a Hermonipus environment for productivity

Consider ACE for your workplace!

Allow us to unleash the collective potential in your team through our Team Building Workshops. A highly functioning, cooperative team can make all the difference between consistent achievement and patchy performance. Our workshops use the performing arts to build loyalty, trust and communication between coworkers. Contact us to learn how we can aid the harmony and productivity of your workplace and for our incredibly competitive rates!

How about a lunchtime Glee Club? A Rock Choir? A Streetdance crew? Contact us today!

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ACE Pride themselves on offering the most choice and variety in the field

Schools and Education

Have your students ever wondered why they have to study the ‘boring Shakespeare guy?’ Would they relish the opportunity to experience the colourful, exuberant world of Bollywood? How about seeing themselves on the big screen?



Concentrating on one play, we work on bringing the text to life through drama, movement and music using the original text and improvisation. We create sound-scape and in some instances teach historic dance. We discuss the language, iambic pentameter etc. In some cases they will watch a televised adaptation in animation or otherwise. We undertake character work with the students after the piece has been cast and we share ideas on the characters and the piece itself. We can choose the play or the school can select one if they are already studying a particular text. Content of course varies depending on age of the students.



Experience the heart-racing vibrancy of Bollywood! Our tutors are experienced Bollywood dancers and, in some cases, have appeared in actual Bollywood films!



Students experience a rounded puppetry workshop, including a performance of a puppet show, the opportunity to create and use their own puppets in their very own show! Workshops are led by experienced puppeteers who have appeared in such productions as Avenue Q in the West End.

Film and TV

Film and TV

Casting professionals give students a unique insight into acting for TV and Film and children get to see themselves in starring roles on the big screen. ICT curriculum points are addressed and a fun, confidence building experience is had by all!



Workshops are available for all ages as either an introduction to or development of the French language, through song, dance, role-play and cultural exploration.

ACE Pride themselves on offering the most choice and variety in the field

We Also Do

Private Lessons
Adult Tap
After School Clubs
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Adults and children alike can work with experienced professionals towards exams or for their own personal development. Monologue work, private singing, dance, piano and language tutorials are available at any level.

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Please contact ACE to find an Adult Tap class in your area. Alternatively, set up a team-building, confidence boosting lunch-time or after-school class for your teachers and parents. Tap is an easily attained and extremely rewarding skill; you see fast results leading to greater confidence and greater fitness.

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Extra-Curricular Dance, Drama, Music, Glee choir and French club provide a great opportunity for children from different year groups to bond and grow in confidence and ability outside of school hours.

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Do your teachers have sleepless nights over coordinating another end of term project?
ACE do it in their sleep!

Having a professional Director/Choreographer/Musical Director take full responsibility for organising and executing your end of term productions can mean that high results are achieved in half the time. In so doing, ACE can liberate teachers and ensure that students are constantly stimulated by the project. Additional lighting, sound equipment, set and costume can be provided which schools may not already have access to, thus broadening the production values and heightening the creative experience for the students.

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Do your students have the ACE factor?
ACE can create the X Factor Experience live in your school, either as an after school club or within school hours. Vocal coaching and contemporary choreography are taught to a high standard, resulting in a pop concert for friends and family at the end of the project. The full lighting and sound equipment we provide can transform your school gym into the 02 arena! Watch your students' confidence soar.

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PPA Cover: Not every English teacher is a professional actor. Not every PE teacher is a qualified dancer. Not every year group teacher is all of these things AND a degree-level musician.
As teachers and Heads will well know, the Workload Agreement guarantees teachers in maintained schools in England and Wales, 10% of their timetabled teaching to be set aside as preparation, planning and assessment time during the school day, the aim of which is to encourage collaborative, professional activity in the preparation of high-quality lessons. Those of you less familiar with the term PPA can find out more here:

What is PPA?

Again, as teachers will well know, the Government have put an increased focus in recent years on the importance of music, dance and drama for Keystages 1 and 2 in Primary School. Why not maximise your PPA allocation AND re-enforce the tremendous work you can offer in class by bringing in ACE?

We offer half-termly, termly or annual contracts. Feel free to choose from the wide variety of options on our website; we can mix and match to suit your needs.

School Productions
Pop Concerts
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